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Does your IT revamp measure up?
Published on 12 September 2019

'Business does not pause and await the completion of the IT transformation; costs and business pressures will escalate if it does. It is critical that a development group demonstrate its value to the business as soon and as concisely as possible'.

Biodesign for a better future
As we continue to transform our health sector clients' digital acceleration towards improving patient outcomes, a new environment is coming to the...
Open Banking - A paradigm shift
When we speak about Digital Disruption, nothing compares to the change that will affect the Financial Services sector like Open Banking. What can...
OutSystems and Agile
How low-code platforms encourage an agile mindset and reduce risk.
 Exceeding expectations: a grad's perspective
My first six (actually, eight) months at DB Results.
Bias for biases
Cognitive biases are subconscious tools we have developed to foster efficient decision making. They're useful tools in our day-to-day lives; for UX...
NPP and Groundhog Day
New technologies are being applied to old business problems to create innovative solutions for consumers and service providers alike.
Show me the money for CX!
Improving adoption for Customer Self-Service for greater Return on Investment (ROI).
The challenge with IoT - it's not what you may think
The adoption of the IIoT will profoundly change the way things work. One significant aspect of that change will be edge analytics.
When mobiles attack!
Customers now view mobile application capabilities as ubiquitous - if yours doesn't have a function they want, they will leave.
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